A Volvo or a Poodle

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Explain this to me:
Why do people do more research on what brand of car they are going to get than what breed of dog they are going to buy?

Let me break this down for you. You are probably only going to have your car for, at the most, four years. Then, you’re going to trade it in for something new.
You are going to have your dog for at least 10 years, unless you pawn it off on someone else. 10 years! Seriously, I’m sure that the majority of your relationships haven’t lasted that freakin‘ long. So, why in the HELL don’t you do some research so that you know what you’re getting yourself into?!

If you enjoy laying around your apartment and not doing much then get a Maltese! Don’t a get a Dalmatian or a high energy Border Collie!

You’re not comfortable telling your dog NO? DON’T get an English Bulldog or ANY terrier! Those dogs need a leader not a “friend”.

Actually, dogs don’t need “friends”. They need someone who will take them to the vet regularly, feed them high quality food and meet their psychological needs. Do you have a member of the herding group? Then don’t be surprised when your dog starts nipping at your kid’s heels. Do you have a member of the hound group? Then why are you so shocked that your dog barks at everything…all of the time…for no reason?

I really didn’t mean to go off on a total vent here. Tucker and I were watching something on Animal Planet and these people just couldn’t understand why their angel (an English Bulldog) was so head strong and pushy. Seriously? That’s a Bulldog’s “job”.

The point of this whole rambling mess is: know what you’re getting yourself into. Go buy a $15 book and have a tiny clue. Or, if you’re an amazingly cheap person then Google “how to chose a dog”. You’ll be amazed at the number of hits that magically appear.

The Internet is wonderful.