Coffee, Wishful Sleeping and Pops

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I love coffee today. It makes me feel somewhat human. It makes my brain not as foggy. Thank you, coffee for having caffeine and being oh so tasty.

Cara decided that last night would be a stellar night to NOT SLEEP. All told, I think she/I got maybe three hours of sleep total.

I figure her mouth was bothering her since she got no Motrin last night or maybe she just thought it was a funny joke. She has six teeth now, four on top and two on bottom. I would think that she would be done for a little while but I could definitely be wrong.

Oh well. She has to sleep eventually.

We just got back from Target. Tucker gave me $40 to put gas in the truck and I used it on Starbucks and his Father’s Day stuff instead. Hopefully he won’t kill me. I’ve decided that we’re going to the Zoo this weekend for Father’s Day. The Zoo is having a big Father’s Day shindig with classic cars and fun “guy” things. Dads get in free with the online coupon and Caroline is old enough now that she’ll have a blast.

Even though we had a shit night, we had a terrific morning.

Tucker came in from Command PT around 7:30am and of course Cara was awake; I was playing possum in hopes that she would take a FUCKING HINT. (didn’t work)

Cara sat up and smiled the biggest smile at Tucker and giggled her fool head off. I think it probably made Tucker’s week. You see, Cara doesn’t always seem to like Tucker. That sounds bad…she likes him, but he’s only home for a small part of the day and he can’t feed her. Also, the part of the day that he’s home isn’t her “good part” of the day.

It made me ridiculously happy to see my daughter extremely happy and my husband on cloud nine.

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