Dr. Ferber, Here We Come!

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It begins tonight.
I’ve read the vast majority of the book and I have to say that it’s not nearly the scary, inhumane method that I had been led to believe that it was.
It’s behavioral psychology. Actual researched science. So, I decided to give it a chance.

In reading the book, one major thing became evident. We have NO schedule. We really don’t even have a routine. Correction. We have a routine if you call a routine “Cara wakes up at some point between 6 am and 8 am and then eats some boob a few times during the day and might have some people food at some point during the day and then between 6 pm and 8 pm she’ll have a bath and then at some point between 8 pm and 11 pm she’ll go to sleep (maybe).”

A lack of a schedule can be a GREAT thing…if it’s working. But, our lack of a schedule ISN’T working. A seven month old should not be waking every hour to eat. She shouldn’t need me to help her go back to sleep once she’s woken up during the night. I want to do everything I can for her, but neither of us is getting any sleep and the sleep we are getting is absolute shit.

So, tonight we’re setting an arbitrary bed time. That’s a first in this household. It hasn’t been necessary until recently. When she would get sleepy, she would take a nap. When it was night time and she would get sleepy then she would go to bed. But, with the onset of hourly waking, something has to give. Cara’s new bedtime is 8:30 pm. It’s 6:30 right now and she seems pretty worn out, so the 8:30 time may get moved up.

I wrote that earlier and I ended up giving Cara her bath around 6:50 pm. She was miserably tired from being at the Zoo all day and couldn’t hardly keep her eyes open. She played in the bath for a little while and then on went the PJs and I nursed her until she was almost asleep. I plopped her into her crib, kissed her forehead and said good night. She cried for maybe a minute before she rolled over and went to sleep.

She stayed asleep for about fifteen minutes before she woke up screaming. She continued to cry and fuss until about 8:32 pm. Tucker and I took turns checking on her every ten minutes and eventually she went to sleep. So, I figure I’m in for a long night, but, she cried for a lot shorter of a time span than I was expecting.

Wish us luck…

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