Liquid Love

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Last night, I procured something I like to call “liquid love“. This 92 proof bottle of warm fuzziness is probably some of the best rum I’ve ever had the pleasure to sample; I was in a sorority in college…I’ve drank a lot of rum.

You know, sometimes mamma’s gotta let it all hang out.

Man, this scheduled nap thing rocks! I put Cara down for a nap around 10:30 am and she just now woke up. In the time she was out, I cooked dinner (chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole), loaded the dish washer and even got to smoke a cigarette with no interruptions. I have to say though, it’s a very weird thing to go from constantly having her under foot every second of the day to having two extended periods of the day when I can do whatever the hell I want. I have faith that I will adjust.

Steve is sick; Steve is my PS3.
Yes, that’s right. I named one of our electronic devices. There’s nothing wrong with that. PS3s have feelings too!
I called Sony and gave them a rundown of his current behavior. Apparently he’s fucked. He’s being sent back to Sony to be put down and we’re getting a new PS3…for free! How much does that rock?! Sony’s sending us a box (postage paid) in which to pack Steve’s remains.

The main reason this rocks to the extreme that is does is the fact that we no longer have Steve’s proof of purchase.
#1 We bought Steve off of EBay
#2 Tucker trashed Steve’s original box AND Steve’s receipt from Steve’s original owner in New Jersey.

The customer service chick (Virginia) was super cool about it though. She said that Sony would extend us a one time good will gesture and replace Steve for free, shipping included. BUT, if the new Steve takes a crap on us then we better get to finding some sort of receipt.

Yippee for new Steve, Yippee for Sony, Yippee for Sailor Jerry Rum!

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