An Then I Shut the Door and Left Her Cry

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What is wrong with this picture?


could it be the pit bull in the crib?

(No child was harmed in the taking of this picture)

We have a jam-packed day planned, let me tell ya. I put Cara down for a nap about thirty minutes ago. I was outside talking to my mom and noticed that Tucker had Cara in the living room. Fearing something was wrong (since she was supposed to be taking a nap, I rushed inside to see WTF.

Apparently the cat had been locked in the bedroom with Cara. So, when Cara would be almost asleep, you could hear Oscar, the cat, squalling to be let out of her room. I’m hoping that Cara will take a nap on the way to get Henry, the snake, a mouse.

We have to take Steve to the UPS Store today. It’s a sad, sad day here. Ok. Not so much. It’s actually pretty freakin’ awesome that Sony is sending us a new/working PS3 for free. Sony, I love you!

Since this entry has about as much substance as President Bush’s foreign policy, expect an update at some point in time.

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