Not Father of the Year Material

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Guess who does NOT qualify for Father of the Year. Any ideas? Drum roll please…MY DAD! That’s right folks, he’s fucked up again.

You have to understand that this man is an undiagnosed paranoid delusional person. Undiagnosed since the couple of times that he’s been (court ordered) to see a counselor, Dad convinces said counselor that nothing is wrong with him.

My youngest little brother turned four this weekend. (Happy Birthday, Daniel!!) My step-Mom allowed Dad to pick up the three kids and take them to breakfast. Mind you, not only was it not “his” weekend, but, he also wasn’t supposed to have unsupervised visits with them because of his past physical abuse.

Dottie was trying to be the bigger person and Dad had been acting “right” for a while; what could it hurt to let Dad take the kids for breakfast? Well, he tried to kidnap them. That’s right. Kidnap. Apparently my eldest little brother (he’s 13) called Dottie on his cell phone and told her that “Dad won’t bring us home”. Dad was telling Stephen to shut up and hang up the phone and he had the three kids scared out of their minds.

To make a long story not as long, four sheriff’s deputies ended up pulling him over and taking the kids. My paternal grandmother and one of my dad’s sisters met them all at the sheriff’s office and they convinced the sheriff to not arrest Dad even though Dottie had faxed the court order stating that he was NOT allowed to take the children out of the county. Once Dad realized that he wasn’t going to get arrested, he booked it out of the sheriff’s office and left. Left his three scared children BY THEMSELVES with a bunch of strangers! Who does that?!

So, now Stephen is even more scared of Dad than he was before, Katie (five year old sister) is asking why “daddy lied to her” and Dan doesn’t really seem to understand what’s going on.

Dottie had to take Katie to school yesterday and one of the teachers had to pry Katie off of Dottie while Katie screamed. She was kept asking Dottie, “What if Daddy comes and takes me away!? What if he won’t bring me back again?!”.

It breaks my heart that he’s putting them all through this. The only thing he’ll ever say about the kids is that “I just want to see my kids. It’s all about what is best for my kids. I’m so sorry that I put you through so much when you were growing up. I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen to my kids”.

Dad, you’re doing a bang-up job.

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