Organic Baby Food, Puke and Politics

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I got a Gerber coupon flyer in the mail yesterday. You know the ones that are addressed to “Current Occupant”? It made me feel special. Anyway, on the back is a picture of an ADORABLE asexual baby smiling over a bowl of fruit with the tag line – Taste the Organic Side of Gerber. To add to the prestige of Gerber’s new line of USDA Certified Organic baby food was the line “Available at fine retailers”…yeah, right. Like Wal-Mart?

That’s wonderful that Gerber is embracing the organic crazy but I have to say that it came across to me as just another marketing gimmick.

First off, the idea of prepackaged baby food skeeves me out and the fact that it’s organic really just doesn’t do it for me on the ick scale. Bravo to Gerber for not using fruits and vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides, but I’ll keep making my own baby food, thanks.

Speaking of making my own baby food, (how’s that for a segue?) it’s so freaking easy and cheap that I can’t imagine spending $.69 a jar on the pre-made stuff. I know you’re asking yourself, “How do I make baby food?! It has to be a pain in the ass, right?”

Nope. Here’s three SUPER easy “starter” foods:

#1 Baby Guacamole

Take 1 really ripe avocado. Take out the pit and remove the fruit from the skin. Add the juice of one lemon (or lime), a teaspoon of garlic powder, a teaspoon of onion powder, a pinch of kosher salt and about an ounce of breast milk (you can use water if you are not currently a milk factory). Blend everything together in your food processor (this is what I use) and then spoon the green stuff into ice cube trays. Once they’re hard as little green rocks, dump ’em out and store them in freezer bags -in the freezer. Each cube is about one serving.

#2 Butternut Squash

This is a take on the infant classic: sweet potatoes.

Slice the squash lengthwise and scrape out the seeds. Drizzle both halves with olive oil and sprinkle lightly with kosher salt. Place them on a baking sheet (line with aluminum foil for easy clean-up) and bake at 375 until they are mushy. The time depends on your oven, but start checking them after 30 minutes. Take them out of the oven and let them cool since the orange goodness will stick to you like napalm. Once they’re cool, scoop out the flesh and mush with a fork. Spoon it into ice cube trays and repeat the freezing and storing process outlined in the guacamole recipe.

#3 Bananas

This it the classic “first food” of almost every American alive today. But, my version doesn’t turn black.

Take a couple of really ripe bananas, cut them up into your food processor, add the juice of one lemon and blend. If the mixture is too thick, then add some boob juice or water. Freeze the little suckers and you now have banana cubes! This is a great way to get rid of old bananas and you don’t have to worry about the cubes turning black and gross.

Here’s a good and random link about baby food:http://www.cspinet.org/reports/cheat1.html

Next subject.

Cara has turned into a puke/spit-up machine today. Nothing in her/my diet has changed; I think she just decided that today was the day that I should smell like baby vomit. Thanks, Cara. Mommy loves you.

Next subject…again.

Did you watch Hardball with Chris Matthews last night? Did you know that Ann Coulter was on? Ann Coulter makes me crazy…like blood coming out of my eyes crazy. But, I have to say that she played nice last night. So nice, in fact, that I actually remarked to Tucker that she actually seemed more intelligent than crazy for once. (I know, I’m ashamed of myself too)

So, Chris Matthews was throwing Coulter softballs and she was answering his questions (or not) when out of nowhere, Matthews announces that he had Elizabeth Edwards on the line. Uh oh!

You could tell that Coulter was very uncomfortable. Edwards started a stumbling speech about being a Southern woman and asking Coulter to stop the personal attacks. Edwards had/has a very valid point but it was so poorly delivered that it was painful for me to watch. Also, it bothered me that John Edwards didn’t call the show himself.

Coulter has crossed “the line” several times. In fact, I think she relishes in crossing said line; she makes a lot of money doing so. She’s a bitch, but, she has a right to say what she wants…no matter how hurtful what she says may be.

Stupid First Amendment.

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