Bikinis for Babies?!

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Isn’t this the cutest string bikini you’ve ever seen?!

I was over at Strollerderby yesterday and saw the title “String Bikinis For Toddlers”. I had to do a double take. I found myself thinking, “That’s for a BABY?!”

If you want your daughter to wear it then that’s fine for you and that’s your choice. But I have an issue with putting my daughter in something with that small amount of fabric.

This is what I commented over at Strollerderby:

Bikinis were designed to make women look sexy. I have definite issues with putting my seven month old daughter in something that was designed to enhance her sex appeal…she’s seven months old.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m by no means a prude, but come on.

I really didn’t think that I was a prude. I drink alcohol, had premarital sex, I have a tattoo and my eyebrow pierced. By most people’s standards I’m pretty “out there”. But there’s just something about putting my almost eight month old in a skimpy little string bikini. Am I alone here?

Judging by the responses that the article got, I guess I am.

I would have no issue putting Cara in something that looked like this:

The difference in suit #1 and suit #2 is that #2 is obviously a child’s swim suit. There’s no way in hell you could look at #2 and think anything sexual…ok, maybe if you had a giraffe fetish but that’s not the point.

Comments from Moms with daughters or anyone who’d like to throw in their opinion would be welcomed.