How Long Are You Going To Do That?

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Or, there’s the variation (yet still annoying) “So you’re going to stop after six months. Right?”

“That” would be feeding my kid…with my boobs.

Cara never took to the idea of eating from a bottle. I’m left with two options: nurse her or starve her.

Why is it that if you breastfeed, people seem to assume that once your child hits six months, you’re automatically going to stop?

Damn! I’m two months over the limit!

And why is the question, “How long are you going to do that?” always phrased in a way so that “that” sounds like something dirty?

Because you know, it’s a proven scientific fact that breastfeeding causes leprosy AND polio. Nasty stuff.

So, the next time I get asked that question, my response will be: until she’s 40.

Because 40 is a nice round number and it’s important to set an arbitrary time frame when it comes to dirty things.


This post was in response to The Parents Bloggers Network’s: Blast Back Against Annoying Preggo and New Mom Questions.  You can go here for the official “rules” and get started with your own inappropriate answer.

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