Can Babies Be Snobs?

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I just got back from a “play date” over at my friend Alana’s house.  She has a sweet little (I use that term loosely since he’s taller than Cara) five month old boy named Cade.

Anyway, you know how play dates really go when the kids are that young.  I think they’re technically play dates for the moms.  I  came home with the first three Harry Potter books (no, I’ve never read them!) and I had a good time just getting out of the house.

Cara really didn’t seem to take much interest in Cade.  He was smiling and being a sweet interactive guy and Cara didn’t pay a bit of attention to him.  When Cara was younger, I had noticed her being like that with other babies; she really wasn’t very interested in then.  I would point out the baby and tell Cara “look, it’s someone your size!”.  I always say it in an excited tone and make a big deal.  She could care less.  Even when I don’t make a big deal out of the other baby, she still takes no interest.

The first time, I didn’t worry about it.  By the third time, I was starting to get concerned.  And now I’m genuinely worried.  She’s advanced in every way, but she has pretty much no interest in kids her age.  She’s engaging and smiles at adults, but she thumbs her nose at babies.

Could my baby be a snob?

I wonder if part of it might be that she doesn’t go to daycare and so she’s not around a lot of babies.  Or maybe I’m raising an up and coming snob.

I know that only time will tell, but I wonder if anyone else’s kids are like this or did this when they were younger.

Any thoughts?

Oh and Kate should Bite Me! for a number of reasons.  :)

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