I’ve Become a Cracker Addict!

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In all honesty, I haven’t become addicted to eating them. I’ve become addicted to the pacifying properties of said crackers. How horrible is that? I have officially become the mom who whips out a bag of crackers when their child starts fussing at the store. This is not the way that things were supposed to go.

In the time before child, I had a grand plan. When my child would fuss I would calmly reason with the child. I would explain to them why it was important that they remain in their stroller until Mommy was done shopping. I would reason with the infant…because infants totally understand reason.

WTF was I thinking? I make fun of Tucker when he tries to explain to Cara why it’s not such a stellar idea for her to play with the CDs or why she really shouldn’t eat the dog food.

Anyway, I have totally fallen into the habit of whipping out the bag of veggie crackers when Cara is fussing about some random thing. She gets one for each hand and is happy as a lark. You would think that I would know better. Well, actually, I do know better. But it’s so EASY to just load her up with crackers. Am I the only one who does this?

It’s not like she has a fanny pack filled with crackers or anything, but I have been known to shake out some “puffs” on the coffee table. I justify this by telling myself that a serving of the damn things is 90 and end up with maybe 20 on the table and of that 20, I figure the dogs probably get 15.

Maybe I’ll just start putting spinach on the table instead.

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