What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!

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Well, I got the bright idea to get my own domain. I get tired of typing in http://TastesLikeCrazy.blogspot.com. It’s long and cumbersome and why not just have Tasteslikecrazy.com. Right?

Wrong. It’s already taken. Sad times. So, I got Tastelikecrazy.com. Now I have to make my own web site and all the fun that is included in said web site. I haven’t done anything yet and it probably won’t be up for quite a while, so don’t start changing your bookmarks just yet.

I consider myself pretty tech savvy. I made my own header and once I figure out how to send a damn trackback, I will have pretty much mastered the Internet. (yeah, right)

Anyway, I have a sneaking suspicion that this whole “journey” will end with me logging way too many hours working on the web site, me getting pissed off and then me paying someone to do it for me.

Whatever. Let the fun begin. :)

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