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As I might have mentioned once or twice, Cara’s birthday was last weekend.

In preparation for the blessed event, my mom and in-laws had been quizzing us on what presents they should buy for the rugrat.

Initially, [as in several months ago] we said, “Get her anything! She really likes kitties, but we figure she’ll like whatever you get her.”

What more could a grandparent ask for than carte blanche permission to buy their grandchild whatever they wanted?

And then Dora and Boots were recalled. [See! I told you they were EVIL!]

Every time I turned on the television, something else was being ripped from the shelves due to excessive lead levels.

Hold on. Time out.

Am I the only one who thinks that any level of lead is excessive?!

I feel better now. Back to the story.

I meticulously picked through Cara’s hodge podge of toys.

Most are stuffed animals and books with the occasional block tossed in for good measure.

None of her toys were on any of the recall lists.

BIG sigh of relief.

After the initial recall, my tune changed a bit when it came to potential birthday presents.

Links to recall lists were emailed and I was emphatic about the evels of Lead Level Dora and her sidekick Bad Boots. [Sounds like a super hero, no? An evil super hero]

What I really wanted to tell everyone was to buy her wood.

#1 Is the toy made in America?

Check. Continue to question #2.

#2 Is the toy made out of wood?

Check. Continue to question #3.

#3 Is the toy painted?

Trick question! [don’t you hate those?]

I wanted unpainted, American made, no lead containing, wooden toys.

They could serve two purposed, really.

Cara could play with the toys until she became bored and then the dogs could use them as chew toys.

Two birds with one stone, my friend.

Then reality hit.

“American Made” is really code for “costs three times more than something made in China”.

And, though wooden toys are a great addition to any toy box, my kid’s too much like me.

Cara likes pretty colors and lights and loud, obnoxious peaceful, southing music.

The wooden toy fantasy just wasn’t going to happen.

So, I took a deep, cleansing breath, turned off the fear mongering news and chilled the hell out.

Sure, there are still recalls. But, living in fear just isn’t any way to live.

Now, when we go toy shopping, I’m more cognizant of what I’m buying for Cara.

I mentally compare the toy to the recall lists dancing in my head and I know I’m making a safe, responsible purchase.

But, I can’t help wondering if anyone knows were I can buy Log?

This post was inspired by the blog blast that Parent Bloggers and Consumers Union are holding right now. What are you doing about all of the toy recalls?

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