Scaredy Cat Karma

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I live my life based on a bastardized form of Karma.

A self-serving version really.

I try not to do mean/bad things to people with the hope that they will reciprocate.

Maybe that’s a crap reason to be nice, but hey, if it keeps me from being a heinous bitch then I figure it can’t be all bad.

So, when I’m confronted with a situation where I have to be the “bad guy” I cringe.

I’ve wanted to write about my upstairs “neighbors” for a while, but I have had this irrational fear that they would find my site. [Hi neighbors!]

When we first moved into this complex, we were in a different apartment – an upstairs apartment.

The person below us was certifiably crazy and complained constantly about us being loud. One night, he and Tucker almost came to blows.

Luckily for us, our complex moved us to a ground level apartment. Problem solved.

We have lived in this apartment for almost three years.

In that time, upstairs neighbors have come and gone and though some sounded like elephants when they walked, every one of them have been respectful of us and the fact that we lived below them.

Also, the memory of being the “upstairs neighbors” was very fresh on our minds and we cut the people above us a lot of slack.

Until our current neighbors.

I know that the place is rented to two twenty-something year old brothers. Well, that’s what their lease says anyway.

The truth is that both brothers have their girlfriends living with them and they routinely have very loud parties. When I can sing along with your music and I’m sitting in my living room, your music is too loud!

Now, I’m not talking weekend parties, mind you. Oh no. I’m talking Tuesday night parties which always start no earlier than midnight.

Maybe that wouldn’t be such a big deal if we didn’t have Cara, but she goes to bed no later than 8 pm. So, when they have a loud ass party, they wake her up. When she wakes up, I wake up and that pisses me off.

After six months of trudging up to their apartment to politely ask them to tone it down, I’m done.

I’m through playing games. The gloves are off. This is war!

So, self-serving, scaredy cat karma be damned. I’m calling the office from now on. I shall complain and whine and be a general nuisance until something is done

Man, I really hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass.