Best Damn Random List in the World!

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*This list is not “ranked” in any particular order

#1 I am happily married and Tucker really is my best friend.

#2 I’m afraid that Cara will be alienated for being “special” like Tucker and I were.

#3 People think my dogs are mean but they’re not.

#4 I really like to read.

#5 I’m scared that I’ll have to go back to work once Tucker gets out of the Navy

#6 I would like to do this for a living.

#7 I hate living where we do.

#8 My husband is a HUGE dork but so am I so it’s ok.

#9 I can’t get enough of the news…print, web, cable…it doesn’t matter.

#10 The thought of weaning Cara scares the shit out of me.

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