Mrs. Judgy McJudgers

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We’ve all done it; judging. Whether it’s casting an disapproving look at the mom whose kid is screaming in the store, or the parent who “lets their child run wild”, everyone has those moments where you can’t believe what you’re seeing and there’s no way that you would let that happen.

I’m that person…a lot. I’m not proud of that fact but I can’t say that I really try not to do it. Today I became one of the people that I judge. How ironic (and just) is that?

Cara has never had a diaper rash. I felt superior to other parents because of that fact. Since I was such a wonderful and competent parent, my child’s ass looked great! Conversely, I felt that parents who’s children had chronic diaper rash must not be doing things “right” How screwed up is that?

Since Caroline is having GI issues right now, she has developed the dreaded rash. We just got back from the doctor and you know it’s bad when you take your kid’s diaper off and the doctor remarks, “that’s really bad!”. We got a couple of prescriptions for various creams and instructions to let her butt air out as much as possible.

As I was driving off Base, I had an epiphany: I am vigilant about changing Cara’s diaper and even though I was SO careful, she still developed a rash. There was nothing that I could have done to prevent it and there was nothing that I did to cause it. I started thinking about how I had really gotten down on some people because of the state of their kids’ asses and I started feeling like shit; maybe it wasn’t their fault after all. Maybe I just needed to think that it was their fault so that I could feel superior.

Stupid introspection.

So, next time I’m in Target and a brat is screaming its fool head off, I will try harder to not automatically jump to the conclusion that the parent is incompetent; I know that my day is coming.

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