Other People’s Kids

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When I was eight months pregnant with Cara, I took Sophie and Beck out back to go pee. The grass was dewy and the two idiots were tip-toeing around like the wet grass was going to eat them.

As I was cussing at the duo to get down to business, an itty bitty Sheltie came out of nowhere and charged my dogs…my leashed dogs…with me attached to the end of the leashes.

Previously (or currently) pregnant ladies, you know your balance was/is crap when you’re pregnant and mine was equally compromised that day.

The Sheltie managed to get underneath Sophie and Beck and I very quickly had a ball of dogs and a bad situation on my hands. Somewhere between hollering at my dogs and trying to kick the biting Sheltie away, I looked up to see the 11 year old devil dog’s owner.

“Get your dog!” I frantically called. The little girl just stood there and stared.

“Come get your dog! It’s supposed to be on leash!”

By this point, I was sliding on the wet grass and Sophie’s leg had been nipped by the Sheltie.

“I’m pregnant and I can’t control my dogs and your dog! Come get it!”

Finally the girl ran over to the chaos, snatched up her dog and ran off.

I checked Sophie’s leg to make sure that she wasn’t going to die and all of us went inside. Once the dogs were squared away, I went back outside to find the little girl and explain to her that she really should keep her dog leashed since that’s the rule and to make sure that she was ok since she had tears in her eyes when she left.

I didn’t find her and came back inside to call Tucker since I was still shaking and I needed some moral support. As I dialed Tucker’s number at work, there came a knock at our front door. I ended the call (Tucker hadn’t answered yet) and went to get the door.

“Where the hell do you get off?!!”

I hadn’t even gotten the door all the way open and that was what greeted me; the mother of the 11 year old was fit to be tied.

“How dare you scream at my child?!” she screamed. [ironic, no?]

I tried to explain what had happened in my most calm, reasonable adult voice but the woman wasn’t having it.

“I wouldn’t scream at your child! She’s crying because of what you did! How would you like it if I made your baby cry?!”

It all ended with her stomping off as I was trying to apologize for upsetting her daughter and trying to explain that the dog should have been leashed.

“You need mental help! Screaming like a crazy fucking bitch at a little girl! You should be ashamed of yourself! Your dogs need obedience training and don’t you EVER talk to my daughter again!!!”

That leads to my question for you guys:

Have you had an experience [good or bad] where you’ve had to “discipline” another person’s child?

If so, what happened and how did it turn out?