Red Baby Ass and Cleaning Tips

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I just changed a dirty diaper for the fifth time today (thanks Cara).  My child does “#2″ maybe once every three days so I know something’s up.  Since she still has a low-grade fever, I’m going to go with a stomach bug.  She’s acting fine, but these dirty diapers are about to kill me.

To add insult to injury, I made the mistake of changing wipes.  When we were at Wal-Mart about a month back, Wal-Mart was having a sale on Huggies Sensitive Wipes.  Since we usually use Target brand Sensitive I figured what the hell.  BIG mistake.  The stupid things have the texture of rough paper towel and are not absorbent at all.  AND, they make Caroline’s butt raw.

Cara’s never had diaper rash. Ever.  I credit that to the fact that she will not tolerate wearing a wet diaper.  We go through a ton of diapers, but at least her undercarriage was in good working order.  The poor kid’s ass is now the color of a ripe strawberry.  When I went to clean her up, she completely recoiled from the evil wipes and I ended up giving her a cool bath to try and deal with some of the inflammation.  She thought it was great fun.

That leads me to my next subject.  Cleaning.  Since I put my poo covered child in the tub, I definitely had to clean that thing once bath-time was over.  I know that the people who actually “know” me are laughing their asses off right now.  Me…cleaning?!  [insert hysterical laughing here]  But, come on!  Even I clean a tub that had poop in it.  Anyway, I used Soft Scrub Deep Clean and that stuff ROCKS!  It stuck to the side of the tub like peanut butter to a dog’s mouth!  And, it did a bang-up job of taking off the weird ring around the tub and the poo.  Yay for Soft Scrub!

So, now that the child’s butt is slathered with Butt Paste, we’re going to get our butts in gear and take a trip to the Nex.  Toodles.

*Edited to add that baking soda in a warm bath works WONDERS on a diaper rash. Put enough baking soda in the bath until the water feels slick – you’ll know what I’m talking about when you put enough in. Let the kid play in the bath for a while and bathe as you normally would.*

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