Sleep Baby, Sleep

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Why has the child decided to start waking at 5 am? Does anyone have any ideas because I’m at a loss.

Oh well.

I’m not being a “martyr mommy” or anything and I did go to bed last night at 8:30 pm. I think I got enough sleep.

Around 7 am, she started to drift off back to sleep and the “non-mommy” part of me said “OH HELL NO! That little shit woke me up at 5 AM! Her ass is staying up with me!”. Two seconds later the “mommy” part of me bitch slapped non-mommy and lovingly carried Caroline to her room, lowered her into her comfy crib and slowly covered Cara with her soft blanket. Cara slept for a good hour and woke with a smile on her adorable little face. I love that she constantly reminds me that being a mom is way cooler than being a non-mommy.

You know, I never thought that I would be a “mommy”. I had a pretty serious surgery when I was 14 and it left me with one tube and ovary. I always wanted kids, but the deck was stacked against me. Since I had other stuff to do (like grow up…still working on that one) I put the whole “baby making” thing out of my mind and got on with it.

Then I met Tucker and for some reason, I thought he was kind of cool and decided that I wanted to procreate with him. We tried, and tried, and tried, and tried; I think you get the idea. We went to the doctor and I had test after test run. I had dye injected here, there and everywhere. Fun times, let me tell ya.

Then, one month (January), we had sex three times. THREE! “It” had become a chore, something that we were required to do. We weren’t doing “it” because we felt like it or because we had that loving feeling. We were having S-E-X because it was the correct time and my chart said so. [Don’t fuck with the chart. It’ll get you every time.] I was tired of having sex. I just didn’t want to do “it” anymore.

On February 13th, during one of my daily POAS (pee on a stick) sessions (I was/am obsessed with peeing on pregnancy tests) I got a positive. The girl who thought that she would NEVER get pregnant was knocked up! WooHOO!!! I called Tucker and he was less than thrilled, but I was elated. Tucker eventually warmed up to the idea and 10 happy months later (I was 8 days postdate) I got a Cara.

I guess the reason I wrote this parenthesis ridden rambling thing is to try and explain how lucky I feel to have the dork aka Caroline. She is a major pain in the ass at times. She takes stubborn to a new level and she is advanced beyond her months but she’s mine and I guess I’ll keep her.

I can’t wait until I have the next one so that Cara will have someone to annoy her.

Wait…I see that backfiring already!


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