Walking Doesn’t Suck that Much

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I just got out of the shower and Cara is down for her morning nap. Life is good.

I normally take my shower at night but since I went walking this morning (stop laughing), I definitely couldn’t put it off.

Wait. Are you still laughing?

I really I can’t blame you. The idea of me walking somewhere other than the bathroom is funny, I guess. But please keep your laughter to a quiet giggle if you don’t mind.

I was/am a firm believer in the saying, “It took you nine months to put on the weight so expect it to take you nine months to take the weight off”. I only gained 15 pounds during my pregnancy with Cara. But, I was heavy to begin with so when I say that I only gained 15 pounds it just really doesn’t sound as great as the model looking mom who says the same thing. Then again, I also don’t inspire knee jerk hatred when I say it.

Since Cara is quickly approaching her nine month “birthday” (when did that happen?!), I’m running crawling out of excuses. I had even started thinking about expanding our brood early so that I would have an excuse to not worry about my weight. Don’t judge! I know that one or two of you have thought the exact same thing.

Anyway, Tucker bought me an awesome stroller and some kickass walking shoes and today was judgment day.

Last night I commented to Tucker that I didn’t think that I was going walking today. “I still don’t feel 100%. I think I’ll wait until next week.” Tucker gave me the “Dad look” and promptly told me that I had no excuse to not go walking.

Tucker, if you’re reading this, I really hate it when you’re right.

I walked a mile today. A mile. In the Florida sun and humidity. But, obviously I didn’t die and I actually wasn’t that winded.

I have another date tomorrow with Cara, my shoes and my stroller.

Maybe I’ll walk a mile and a quarter.

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