Daddy Daycare

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The picture to the left really has nothing to do with what I’m going to write, but, it makes me laugh.

Tucker took care of Cara yesterday for a whole hour…by himself!

He got off of work early and was home before I had to go see my head shrinker psychologist. Normally, I just take Cara with me and Dr. Fox (head shrinker) provides toys for Cara to play with.

I made sure that I fed Cara right before I left and reminded Tucker that there was some expressed breastmilk in the freezer in case of emergency. He waved me out the door and told me that they would be fine. It was getting close to her nap time, so I figured that worse case scenario, he could just plop her in her crib for her nap.

I got my head shrunk (I’m still crazy) and came home. Cara was nowhere to be found; the little shit was taking a nap. She apparently had been asleep for over an hour. She never naps like that in the afternoon for me!

Tucker said that he gave her a bottle (which she found this morning and started sucking on *retch!*) and she started screaming at him, so he put her to bed. He was so damn matter of fact about it that you would have thought that he does it everyday. Truth be told, I think he’s been alone with her for longer than twenty minutes maybe five times in her life.

Since I’ve always breastfed her and she’s never taken a bottle, Tucker’s ability to babysit has been majorly impaired. Fortunately, Cara decided that bottles are kinda cool, so if need be, Tucker can now feed her without it being really weird.

I was proud of the ole man. He did good.

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