You Searched for It Now Here It Is

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I was going over my site traffic and decided to share with you some of the best search traffic that I’ve gotten today.

You see, I feel a bit guilty when someone searches for something, ends up here and I have the answer for them.

So, to the people who searched for these little gems, this is for you.

#1 Pit Bull diet. We feed Sophie and Beck Royal Canin Bulldog Formula. They, like most Pit Bulls, have horrible gas and the Royal Canin really deals with their little “issue”. The dogs also eat random shit from around the house, but they’re supposed to eat their dog food.

#2 Shalom Daily Courier. This comes from a spam email that I received. For the people who keep finding my site because you’re searching for the Shalom Daily Courier, it doesn’t exist! It’s a scam!

#3 Britny speas fuckig. Huh? I think we all know what you meant to type but your execution was lacking. If you do a search of this site, you’ll find that I’ve only referenced Mrs. Federline once and you can find that post here. Unfortunately for you, I did not write about fuckig. Sorry.

#4 pyschology of the runt in a dogg liter. You might check with Cesar about this one.

#5 female dog fishy smell. Why this is one of my favorites, I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s a morbid curiosity. If your “female dog” has a “fishy smell”, please take her to the vet. (gag)

#6 www.pitbul.com. Why did you search this? You actually typed it into a search engine and then pushed enter. Wouldn’t it have just been easier (and made more sense) to type all of that into the address bar? Pitbul.com is not a site. You misspelled the “bull” part. Spell bull correctly and you will end up on a “real” site. Better yet, how about just going to www.BadRap.org. They’re nice and smart and they have some great dogs that need homes.

Oh, and a bit of randomness. Since I just added Blogher Ads to the site, I will probably be screwing around with the layout again.

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