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*Note – A lot of these links are broken because this is an old post. I’ll update them real soon. Promise.*

There have been all kinds of “baby essential” lists popping up in blogland like here and here.

Reading their lists got me to thinking about my own list and what I wish someone had told me right before I had Cara.

So, here’s my picks for what you need…baby not listed, yet still essential

Newborn Things You Actually Will Use

Carseat – A no brainer. Your hospital won’t let you leave with your kid without it. We got the Combi Connection like this one, but in Orange since we didn’t know at the time that we were having a Cara and not a James. The mantra, “don’t wake a sleeping baby” had been drilled into my head. So, we got the infant carrier. We loved it; Cara hated it. Looking back, I wish that we had just gotten our new carseat to begin with.

Diapers – We started with Pamper Swaddlers [loved them] and then switched to Huggies Natural Fit. [Huggies has better coupons]

Wipes – Target Brand Sensitive Cloth Wipes. Buy them; love them.

Diaper CreamBoudreaux’s Butt Paste. Smells great, easy to clean up and off. Works like a charm.

Bathtub Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Seat. We loved this thing and one of Cara’s favorite toys is still one of the bath toys that came with the tub. We used it in the tub for easier dumping of the water. Cara started sitting in the tub at four months, so we quit using the baby tub. But, it was inexpensive and we’ll use it with the next kid

Washcloths and towels – I am not a fan of “baby” washcloths and towels. I use tack sponges instead of wash clothes. The tack sponges suds up better than the “baby” wash clothes and are disposable. I use our towels since they’re larger and are more absorbent.

Bath wash – We started out with all Aveno which I loved. Now that Cara is older and I know that she doesn’t have sensitive skin, we use Baby Magic. It’s less expensive, has tons of cleaning power, and smells great!

Burp rags – Get these. They’re awesome. If you got to Babysrus [actually go to the store], they have these in colors as well.

Diaper bag – I didn’t want something that looked like a diaper bag. So, I got this. I also considered this.

Sling – I loved my sling! Tucker made mine, but, you can get them at tons of places. Like here, here, and here. Cara and I preferred our ring sling, but the pouch sling is really popular.

Pack-n-Play – Are they really worth it? Yep! This is the one that we have. Get the one with a bassinet. Cara slept there until she was almost four months old. Plus, we take it with us when we travel; instant crib!

Swing – We have this one. When Cara was younger, she would nap in two places: my lap and this swing.

Clothes – Get these for daytime and these for bedtime. These are great too.

Breastfeeding Stuff You Will Actually Use

This is stuff that I use and love.

BookThe Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. This is my breastfeeding bible! Tis book saved us numerous times and was way more helpful than any lactation consultant we ever encountered.

Boppy – Get two because one always goes missing. Also, get a couple of covers. [they’re pretty] The Boppy and the covers are all machine washable and can be tossed in the dryer.

Nursing tanks and bras – Get these and these. I love them both.

Breastpump – Don’t waste your money on a shitty pump. If you get a crap pump, you’ll get crap results and sore boobs. Bite the proverbial bullet and get a Medela Pump In Style. It’s well worth the money.

Lansinoh Breast Creme – Saved my nipples. Here’s a link to it.

Breast Milk Bags – I’ve tried a million different kinds and I like these the best.

Sanitizer Bags – Get these guys. They seriously rock and I put everything in them. Plus, you get twenty uses out of each bag.

These lists are by no means exhaustive, but, they contain a bunch of stuff that we’ve used and really liked. I’m sure there are other things that I should have added and probably a couple of things that I should remove. But, I figure this is a good place to start.


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