Baby Gate AKA Baby Joke

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Two things have become very apparent to me today.

#1 My child thinks that baby gates are a joke.

#2 My child thinks that NO! is a joke.

Oh, the joys of having a toddler.

Wait. Did I just write “toddler”?!

Aren’t kids supposed to be like 14 months or something before they’re considered toddlers?

Would you please tell Cara that because she obviously did not receive that memo?

Yesterday was spent removing her from the kitchen and removing garlic cloves from her mouth [She’s figured out how to open the kitchen drawers]

So, to thwart another attack upon my garlic, I place one of our baby gates in the doorway leading to the kitchen.

Since our apartment building is older than me, the walls aren’t exactly what anyone would call “square”.

To secure the gate, I have to place the gate so the bottom is about eight inches above the floor. [Can you tell where this is going?]

Anyway, I installed the gate and moved Cara to another part of the living room thinking that her “kitchen obsession” would be replaced by a “dog chasing” obsession.


Cara glanced at the baby gate, her eyes lit up and she booked it over to the gate.

She did a little baby pull-up on the gate; she was going over it!

When Cara realized that plan wasn’t going to work, she stepped back, plopped down on the butt and sat there; I could see the baby cogs turning in her little baby brain.

I sat back down at the computer and acted like I wasn’t watching her.

Cara let out a baby chuckle. [akin to an adult “a ha!”]

Then she went under the damn thing!

Cara army crawled under the gate, got stuck, screamed a couple of times, and then was in the kitchen.

She stood up, turned around, smiled, and started beating on the baby gate.

Cara 1 Mom 0

I told her “NO kitchen!” as I picked her up and placed her back in the living room.

She laughed a big belly laugh and patted my shoulder as if to say:

“Funny Mom. What else have you got?”


  1. LOL yep our baby boy did that too, in the kitchen as well, however one that took the biscuit was he can now start to go upstairs.
    Time for another install 🙂

    Now as the staircase has some high skirting boards I had to put the baby gate up a little higher I asked my wife after fitting to check it, yep she said as she struggled to get her head under it and curve round to the stairs, he wont get through……. Or so we thought.

    Next morning I heard him messing about and low and behold he had got up 2 steps again, after a few screams he was back in the hallway, I got the camera and he did it again after a few grunts and groans he managed to bend his body round the gap this time turning round in the process and getting hold of the gate he gave a huge smile and a laugh, as if to say HA HA look at how clever I am.

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