Bath Time Fun

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Well, last night was Tucker’s first night at the second job; things went much better than I had expected.

Tucker had to be at the job by 6pm, so when he left, Cara and I were having dinner. The poor kid’s eyes were rimmed in red and I could tell that she needed to have an early night.

Around 6:30 pm, I grabbed her some PJ’s and a towel and we headed for the bathroom.

While the bubbles were filling the tub, I realized that I hadn’t taken a shower yet. [oops]

So, Cara and I took a bath together.

I figured that it was going to be a train wreck. Slippery baby + slippery mommy just didn’t seem to me like it would equal fun times.

I was wrong; we had a blast!

Cara thought that it was hilarious that my hair was full of soap and she kept giggling at me and trying to grab the suds.

The only bad part was when Beck decided to pee on my clean towel. [bad dog!]

But, all in all, we had fun and I’ve found a last ditch way to ensure that I bathe everyday.

A clean mommy is a happy mommy.

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