For Once It Wasn’t the Cat

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have a funny little story for you. [Alana, quit reading since you said you didn’t want to hear it]

One day last week while I was working on the computer, I heard a ruckus behind me.

When I swiveled my chair around to see what the commotion was about, I saw Sophie on her back; she was rolling on something.

Cara was sitting right next to the rolling dog and thought that the whole spectacle was hilarious.

I stomped over to where they were, cussing the cat the whole time since I assumed that the cat had done something disgusting in that particular spot.

Once I got over to Sophie, she jumped up with a look of shame on her face. I just knew it was the cat then.

So, Sophie jumped up and I got ready to smell the carpet [ick] when Cara grabbed something large and dark off of the carpet.

Yep. You guessed it. [and given the fact that there’s a big ass cockroach picture in this post it shouldn’t have been hard]

Cara had a cockroach in her hand the size OF HER HAND. In Florida, apparently they’re called “Palmetto Bugs“, but that’s just a fancy name for a creepy ass cockroach.

I basically tossed Cara across the room [more like swiftly moved…but tossed sounds more dramatic], scooped up the vile bug on a piece of paper and flushed his multilegged ass down the toilet.

I Purelled the crap out of Cara’s hands.

The end.

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