Experiments Are Fun…

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…especially when you’re doing them on your kid.

Isn’t that what parenting is all about? Experimenting on your children…just to see what happens…

Hold your little emailing fingers. I’m not doing anything bad. It’s not like I’m grafting an ear onto her back or anything. [that would just be freaky]

For the past three days, Cara has decided that she doesn’t need a second nap.

So, she goes down for a nap around 10 am, wakes up around noon and she’s up until 8 pm.

She’s 10 months old; she needs more sleep than that! [I need her to need more sleep than that!]

Since she’s dragging ass by 5 pm, I decided that if she’s bound and determined to only take one nap, it should be later in the day. My plan was to keep her up until around noon and then put her down for a nap. That way, she would wake up around 2 or 2:30 and wouldn’t be a terror until bedtime.

Didn’t happen.

She changed the damn rules on me again! I didn’t get a memo, no note, nothin’. She’s napping right now and I’m really hoping that she’s going to take an afternoon nap.

When I put her down for her afternoon nap yesterday, she screamed…for about twenty minutes. She was standing up in her crib, stuffed animal in each hand, screaming. No nap for her.


So, be prepared for copious posts concerning her naps or lack there of.

Because, if I have to suffer through this, so do you.

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