Mailbox Journey

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It was supposed to be a simple trip to the mailbox.

Cara was screeching with excitement at being allowed to walk with me instead of being carried.

She twisted and struggled to get down to the ground and once there, she gazed up at me with a look of pure bliss.

Cara slowly made her way down the sidewalk, intent on our mission.

And then, she saw a frog.


It must be chased! [and tasted]

I distracted her from that pursuit by jingling my car keys.


They must be held! [and tasted]

She quickly toddled over to me determined to own my car keys.


Wet grass!

It must be stomped on and grabbed! [and tasted]

I continued down the sidewalk knowing that Cara would eventually follow.

And she did.

Until she saw the crack in the sidewalk.

Sidewalk crack!

It must be probed with my keys! [and tasted]

Finally we made it to the end of the sidewalk and ventured onto the parking lot blacktop.


It must be felt and scratched! [and tasted]

Since it had rained that morning, not only was there dry blacktop, there was also wet blacktop with puddles.


Big puddles!

They must be stepped in and patted! They must be stepped in again and patted some more! [and tasted]

After ten minutes of puddle joy, I finally gave up on Cara walking to the mailbox with me. I hoisted her up on my hip and we continued on our trip.

Luckily for me, the junk mail distracted Cara from the amazingness of the great outdoors.

Our “journey”, which should have taken us five minutes, ended up taking over thirty.

The fact that everything is a new discovery for Cara makes me laugh…even if I’m rolling my eyes while I chuckle.

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