My Mom Rocks!

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I’ve got a story for ya.

When Mom got here on Saturday, I very quickly explained our routine with respect to Cara’s bedtime.

Bath at 7 pm.

Boob and then bed by 8 pm.

No matter what.

If she woke up in the night, I was to be the one to check on her.

Mom was to not check on Cara during the night as I was afraid that having someone “new” respond to Cara’s cries might make her crying worse which would translate to me being awake for far too long in the middle of the night.

The week progressed with no issues.

Mom commented on not hearing Cara wake during the night and our sleep routine, for the most part, continued uninterrupted.

Until Tuesday night.

Tucker had worked until “close” that night and after I put Cara down for the night, we all stayed up and talked until almost 12:30; that’s way past my “bedtime”.

I was beat and quickly passed smooth-the-hell out.

Around 4 am, Cara woke up and she was just kind of fussing. I don’t know how else to describe it.

With Caroline, is she doesn’t wake-up screaming her fool head off, she’ll go back to sleep. So, I set my alarm (on my new phone) for twenty minutes from then and turned off her baby monitor.

If she wasn’t back asleep by the time that the alarm went off, then I’d go in and feed her.

Next thing I know, Tucker is bringing a very pissed off Cara into our bedroom. The first thing I did was sit bolt upright and grab my phone.

“I swear I set my alarm!”

Unfortunately, for Cara and me, I haven’t figured my new phone out and had set the alarm for 4:20 pm.


Once the fog had cleared and Cara was fed, I ventured into the living room. I told Mom what had happened and she admitted that she had actually gone in to comfort Cara in the night.

Mom gave Cara a sippy cup of water and then put the cup up to “hide the evidence”. Mom didn’t want me to be mad at her for going against my wishes, but she also knew that something wasn’t right and that I had never let Cara cry like that.

So, Mom was a superhero rockstar.

She not only completely respected my wishes (initially) but she really saved the day as far as I’m concerned. I know that Tucker didn’t hear Cara and I’m extremely grateful that Mom did.

Mom knows about my blog now. I don’t know if she’ll figure out how to use the big, scary computer at her work to read what I’m puttin’ down.

But, if you’re reading this, Mom, thank you.

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