My Saturday PSA

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I was checking my email earlier and noticed that I had gotten our bill from Cingular [I mean AT&T.  They need to make up their freakin’ minds!]

Our bill was for $305.78.

That’s right.  Three hundred and five dollars and seventy-eight cents!

Since last months was almost $500, I was both relieved and shocked all at the same time.

I printed out our bill and went at it with my highlighter.  Before Cingular was bought by AT&T, our bill was always $59.00.  Always.

I noticed piddly $1.30 charges here and $.90 charges there.  I finally came upon a whopping $47.32 from Tucker calling his parents at 8:57 pm.

He talked to them for 97 minutes during a time that I thought that was covered by “nights and weekends” since our “nights” had always started at 8 pm.


So, if you have AT&T, your nights start at 9 pm now, not 8 pm.

Also, since Tucker placed the call before 9 pm, all of the time that he was speaking with his parents was billed.

Fun times, huh?

Tucker is, at this moment, at the AT&T store hollering at some kid.  I hope Tucker’s head doesn’t explode.

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