I Am Random

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I have had this post [or one like it] in my head for quite a while and I just can’t hold it back any longer.

In the past couple of months, I’ve read several posts/articles about what the content of a blog should be, how you should handle comments and how often you should post.

From what I can gather, readers expect article type posts; they want to learn something from what they read.

While I have written stuff like that, I’m sorry guys but every post that I write isn’t gonna be a “lesson”. My brain may contain a plethora of useless knowledge but writing “articles” everyday is not only taxing, but I get bored doing it.

Some days all I got is random bullshit.

Take it or leave it; that’s me.

If you think my blog entries are random, you should try talking to me on the phone.

If articles are more you reading style, every Thursday I have an article at GNMParents. You can find the first paragraph or two here along with a link to the article.

On the topic of comments:

I read each and every comment that you leave. [even the spam]

I either comment back to you after your comment or I don’t. I don’t email you because I don’t expect an email when I comment on your blogs.

So, don’t think that I don’t appreciate your comments; I do.

Posting frequency:

I write when I feel like it. I hate feeling like I have to force a post [or multiple posts] daily just to ensure that you show up.

Would you rather read a heartfelt post about anal bleaching or a bullshit list of links?

I’d take the anal bleaching any day.


I don’t mean I’d literally take the anal bleaching cause that creeps me out…you know what I mean!

In summation, I am a study in random thoughts and writing.

Everything I write isn’t always ground breaking or pithy. But, every now and then, you’ll find a gem.

Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

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