A Few Moronic Warning Labels

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This little gem came from Cara’s Johny Jump Up. I’ll make sure that I have her read this before she lights her cigarette and jumps around her bonfire.


This one came from my Spray and Wash. I know that the warning is there because someone actually sprayed the stuff on someone who was still wearing the stained piece of clothing. Who does that? [I had to add the “treat” since my camera’s flash ate it.]

Last but not least is my ALL container. Do people really rinse the thing out and put juice or tea in it? I’ve never done this, but I would figure that no matter how many times you were to rinse the thing, your drink would still end up tasting mountain fresh.

Even though I found myself becoming more and more obsessed with looking for funny warning labels, these were the best I could find. Sad, huh?

I know you’ve got better ones and I wanna see them.

Parent Bloggers Network and the Sick of Lawsuits website is holding a blog bash and they’re looking for wacky warning labels. This time around, you could win cash! Join in the fun and let me see what you’ve got. Send me a trackback if you decide to play.

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