I Got Homework

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I got “homework” from my shrink [Hi, Dr. Fox!] yesterday.

Can you believe that? Homework!

Not to make a long story too long, but my task is to compose a list of thing that are true for me.

A list of things that are constant no matter what anyone says.

Let me explain.

You see, I have this problem where I take just about everything that anyone says to heart.

Here’s a scenario for you:

You just got your hair cut and colored. You know that you look H O T.

You’ve got a bounce to your step and you’re shaking you ass just a bit more than you normally would. [You sexy thing you]

On your way home, you stop into your local liquor grocery store to pick up some rum milk.

As you’re paying for your booze milk, you overhear two assholes cashiers talking crap about your rockin’ hair.

What’s your response?

I figure that most people would shake off the comment and go on with their hot selves.

Or, some might confront the brats but still know that they are the epitome of sex.

What’s my response?

I would likely drive home, replaying the comment over and over. Once I got home, I would probably complain to Tucker and then make plans to change my hair.

Crazy, huh? [Hence the website name]

A simple rude comment, made by someone that I don’t even know, would make me forget about how great I had felt and would cause me to doubt myself to the point of changing what I had felt so great about.

A while back I read a really angry article against “mommy bloggers” and that one article made me question my entire site. I was honestly considering shutting the whole thing down.

According to my shrink, the reason that I take other people’s opinions so seriously is because I “lack a true sense of self”. [Can you buy those at Wal-Mart?]

So, that’s why I have a homework assignment.

What do I value so deeply that no matter what anyone says, I will still know it to be true?

I haven’t written my list yet.

But, in thinking about I might write, I’m curious what you would write.

What are your truths?


  1. Wow we are a lot alike, I would be the girl that drove home and complained to hubby and then would like change my color or something silly. Yes, I know it is silly too, but I can’t help it. Maybe I should try your homework too. I know one thing would be my kids and my hubby, I will love them till my last breath and beyond!! No one could ever say anything about them to make me love them any less. Not sure what else yet I will have to get back to you on that!! LOL Good luck with your list, and PLEASE DON’T EVER shut your site down!!!


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    RT @tastelikecrazy I Got Homework http://bit.ly/Va2wR [Old but still good]

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