Stupid Dad

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I am so utterly pissed right now. Pissed and hurt.

To make a long story not as long, my dad sucked as a father.

He missed “his weekends”, probably molested me and he stalked my mom.

I’ve gotten (or am getting) passed all of that as best I can.

Several years ago, Dad remarried.

His wife was/is an amazingly strong, wonderful woman who game him two great kids in addition to the son who she had from a previous marriage.

Let me just say here that my dad is crazy. Certifiably crazy. His jealousy and delusions ruined their marriage.

The divorce was sad for the kids but honestly best for everyone involved.

Also, that divorce gave Dad a chance that most people never get…a chance to do things over.

That’s all well and good, but Dad has utterly squandered this opportunity. Not only is he playing the same old games that he played with my mom, now he’s calling my step-mother a bitch to the kids.

How awesome is that?

I wish that I could call him up and ask him what the hell he thinks he’s doing. I really just want to hollar at him and let him know how angry I am with him.

But, that’s not going to happen. So, I’ll just write about it on my website.

Maybe he’ll happen upon it if he googles “asshole”.

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