Busy Little Bee

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I have been a busy little bee. Hence the bee picture. Get it? Busy little bee? Whatever.

I’m lying anyway. I haven’t been that busy. I just haven’t had it in me to write anything.

After fighting with my host and site for a day and a half, all the fight was gone.

I’m better now.

My child has grown 10 inches in 12 months. She was 19 inches when she was born and now she’s 29 inches. I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s going to bee short like her mother. I suppose there are worse things that she could bee. [Look at me being witty]

Her appointment was purty darn uneventful. Tucker had to work, so I didn’t get her shots done and her pediatrician wants her lead levels checked and a CBC run.

Lead level checking + CBC = Screaming Cara + Crying Momma

You do the math. Tucker has to be there cause I’m a big ole wuss.

Night before last, I was trussing a turkey and when I went to cut the twine, I sliced my finger instead.

I didn’t automatically realize that I had cut my finger [thank god for sharp knives!] until I started bleeding like a stuck pig. I started to pass out but I was the only one here with Cara. So, I didn’t pass out…but I really wanted to.

The cut is very anti-climatic. With all of the blood, I was expecting a gaping flesh wound; it looks more like a paper cut.

At least the turkey was yummy.

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