I Didn’t Get the Joke

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horny owlI have always been a lover of animals.

When I was much younger, my love bordered on fanaticism/obsession.

I watched way too many hours of Wild Kingdom and could name just about every animal in our local museum.

So, you can imagine my elation when I was told that we were going to visit the Memphis Zoo.

As we drove the hour and half to the zoo, I bugged my mom about all of the different animals that we would see.

When we finally arrived, I passed each exhibit and named off each animal. When I say “named” I really mean hollered. [I’ve never been a “quite” person]

Finally, we came to the aviary.

That particular month I was obsessed with the raptors and could hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of seeing a “chickenhawk” up close and personal.

I ran ahead of my mom and cousins and screeched in glee.


A group of teenagers had been walking behind us the entire time. They all broke into laughing fits as did my mom and family.

Poor little five year old me had no idea what was so funny; I definitely didn’t get the joke.

I was just happy to have seen a Horned Owl in person.