Listen To Your Kids

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Last week I had my IQ tested and this week I found out the results.

While I have a high IQ, my “short term memory” score was startling low. Like almost below-average low.

My shrink told me that a score that low, when compared to my high scores on the other subtests, would lead her to diagnose me with ADD.


Let me explain.

When I was a wee lass, I can remember complaining to my mom that I thought that I might have ADD. A cousin of mine had recently been diagnosed as such and I could see parallels between his behavior and my own.

When I informed my mother of my concerns, she wrote them off as me trying to get attention.

So, for probably 15 years, my problem went undiagnosed.

Looking back at those 15 years, I wonder how my life might have been different had my mom taken me seriously.

While I am sure that the differences would probably not have been dramatic, I am also sure that things would have been “easier” if I had gotten help.

I tell you all of that to tell you this:

Parents, when your child comes to you with a concern, don’t automatically sweep those concerns under the ole proverbial rug.

Listen to your kids.

They sometimes know more than we give them credit for.