Beauty Confidential

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I love, love, love this book!

How’s that for honest?

Written by a former beauty editor and fellow blogger who was “outed” by The New York Post, Beauty Confidential is like The Devil Wears Prada meets Glamour and Allure.

I found myself making notes in the margins and writing down products to research.

The price guides at the end of each chapter are heavenly and completely appreciated. [That blush that I have to have isn’t going to actually bankrupt me…but the perfume will.]

Almost every beauty topic that you can think of is included in this book.

Wondering how much you should tip your hair stylist?

Refer to page 39.

Curious about proper waxing etiquette and what to expect?

Start with page 240.

Beauty Confidential is truly a wealth of knowledge but is written in a way that is accessible.

And, it’s funny. Who knew you could write about beauty and maintain a sense of humor?

Haobsh’s candor and wit make reading Beauty Confidential a pleasure.

Jam packed with tips, tricks and random facts, Beauty Confidential is a must for every woman who wants to look good and laugh while she does it.

Parent Bloggers Network sent my this book to review and I have since passed it along to a fashion challenged friend.