I’m Thankful

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Hello, blog funk. How was your day yesterday?

Ok. I’m not going to write to some imaginary device.

Pinky swear.

Today’s Thanksgiving. I should be giving thanks for something instead of bitching.

I can do that.

Fine. I’ll play.

Thinks that I’m thankful for:

Tucker – Even though you have yet to guest blog, [hint, hint] you put up with my craziness and you know me better than I know myself.

Cara – The child I thought I would never have. Thank you for teaching me the beauty of motherhood and the art of breastfeeding. Thank you for making me a mom.

Oscar – Thank you for being a bad ass cat that puts up with Cara and the dogs.

Sophie and Beck – I’m thankful that you both have turned your breed’s stereotype on its head and that you’re such awesome dogs. I’m thankful everyday that you both watch out for Cara and me when Tucker’s at work.

Alana – Thank you for becoming such a dear friend to me. I thank you for listening to me piss and moan about the mundane.

Hollyn – Thank you for being pregnant with me and knowing exactly what I was going through.

Though I’ve listed people and animals that I’m thankful for, I’m thankful for so much more that I can’t even quantify.

To everyone and everything who/that put up with me, I thank you.