Tuesday Turmoil

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Twitter is an evil, evil thing, people!

I signed up for the thing a while back but I never did anything with it. Now, I can’t leave the damn thing alone!


If you’ve read my Twitter, I’m making a chuck roast right now. Correction. My crock pot is making a chuck roast right now. I’m watching Cara climb on a box.


The bitchy neighbor’s car is outside right now. I really want to type up a note and tell her that if she doesn’t live here [ as in – if you’re not on the lease] then she needs to move her car out of the “prime” places.

But, I won’t do that. That would be just a tad pit petty and I just want to talk big.

I talked to the office yesterday. The conversation started with a “hypothetical” question.

Me – “If someone is basically living with an apartment tenant…” [apartment manager cut me off]

Apartment Manager – “Then that person needs to be on the lease.”

Me – “That’s what I thought.”

Apartment Manager – “What apartment is it and I’ll see exactly who’s on the lease. Did you say that there were girls living there?”

Me – “Um. Yeah. Two.”

Apartment Manager – “Well, I’ll just send them a 7 day notice. We don’t tolerate people living in apartments without being on the lease.”

Me – “Oh. Ok.”

So, now I’m left with what I’ve been told is unfounded guilt.

We’ve spent over six months walking our happy asses upstairs at all hours of the night to politely ask them to keep the noise to a dull roar. Six months of getting dirty looks from the girlfriend. Six months of really loud parties and cigarette butts on our porch. Six months of saying nothing to the office.

I know that we’ve given them way more chances than anyone would have given us, but I really hate to think that I got someone kicked out.

Off to Twitter more.


  1. Amy Tucker says:

    Dec 4th, 2007 is probably the first time I post about Twitter on my site. 😀 http://bit.ly/9lvJ8i

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