Imus. Bad Behavior. Period.

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Wanna know what I’m listening to right now?

Imus in the Morning!!! Sweet!

*Rant* Just let me say right now, I don’t want to hear you bitching about me listening to Imus. I’ve listened to him for years. I watched the episode that he got fired for and I didn’t blink an eye because what he said was nothing out of the ordinary. Other “shock jocks” say far worse things, far more frequently and nothing happens to them. I love Don [I wouldn’t have his kids or anything but I like him] and nothing that anyone can say will change my mind about him.*

Damn. I’m kinda defensive about that, huh? I guess it’s because I’ve eaten so much shit for listening to the guy. Moving on.


So last night I was supposed to “appear” on Kristen Chase’s radio show. [I was just a tad bit excited by the whole deal.] I wrote this funny little post about listening to me make an ass of myself and I even embedded the radio player so that you could listen to the show from my site. [I ended up not being on the show because apparently I didn’t show up on the switchboard.]

I clicked the good ole publish button and got this…wait, you can’t make out what the screen shot shows. It was a 403 page. Basically, my site flipped me the bird and said that my IP address was a bad seed and that it had been hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Ends up, it was my Bad Behavior plug-in.

Wanna know how I found out?

I disabled every damn plug-in that I have installed. [38 total] I then reactivated each plug-in, one by one, to see what was giving my site multiple personalities. Really interesting, no?


*WARNING* I am now going to talk about my period. If you do not want to read about my period, might I direct you here?

Since I breastfeed Cara, I didn’t have my first postpartum period until Cara was nine months old. Pre-Cara, I had debilitating cramps. No. Really. I was prescribed Darvocet at the age of 15 and would have to take the first two days of my period off from school. It sucked donkey butt. Also, I was that girl who had to use the super-heavy-oh-my-god-tampons. [You know. The ones that look like tree limbs?]

Well, I was understandably not looking forward to that first period. Luckily, it was the easiest period in my life.

Skip forward to this month.

Cramps that feel like labor. [Joy!] I have to use a tampon and a diaper pad. WTF?!

My only consolation is that I know this can’t last forever. [I hope]

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