Bass and a Dead Guy

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Most mornings I wake to the sounds of Tucker in the shower. I grab the baby monitor, make sure Cara’s still asleep and I pray for ten more minutes before she too wakes up.

I say most mornings because that sure as hell didn’t happen this morning.

At 4:45 am, I was jolted out of a rockin’ dream by the sound of bass.

Loud, teeth rattling bass.

My first thought was “I’m going to eviscerate the people upstairs!”

And then I realized that the noise was coming from outside.

Someone was in their car at 4:45 am on a Friday morning [!!!] with their bass cranked up so high that it vibrated our walls.

Are you fucking kidding me?!

By the time that I fumbled around for my glasses [cause I’m blind!] and got to the window, the “music” was off.

Heck of a way to wake up, huh?


Yesterday, Tucker got off of work early and we all piled into the car and went to get some lunch.

For some reason, the lane that I had to be in was backed way up.

Traffic slowly inched forward and I eventually could see police lights and crime scene tape.

Wrecks are a dime a dozen around here, so I didn’t really give the whole situation much thought. My stomach was growling and I was much more concerned with the state of my hunger than the state of the traffic.

As I drove past the cop cars, I realized that there hadn’t been a wreck.

My first hint?

The body slumped over on the bus stop bench with a white sheet over it.

All I could see were the black loafers peeking out from under the sheet. Still, I had the overwhelming urge to reach back and cover Cara’s eyes. She of course was enthralled by the blinking police car lights and was staring at the scene in awe.

Though I know that she had no idea what she was looking at, I couldn’t help but have the irrational fear that the whole deal would give her nightmares.

One thing that I still can’t quit thinking about though is I wonder how long the dead guy had been sitting there before someone bothered to check on him. I also wonder if anyone misses him.

I’m amazed that I didn’t have nightmares.

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