Called the Police

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I sincerely feel a little bit bad, but I called the cops on my neighbors this morning at 12:45.

OK. So maybe not the cops; I called the “community officer”.

But, he’s a cop who gets to live here for free since he deals with petty bullshit calls like mine.

Luckily, he didn’t come knocking on my door since I had finally managed to drift off to sleep.

Back to the neighbors.

I woke up at 12:30 am for no good reason; I was just wide awake.

I went in to check on Cara and then I heard the people upstairs; I guess they’re what woke me up.

One minute they would be running through their apartment. [over my head] The next, they would be tearing ass out of the apartment, slamming the door on their way out and running down the stairs. Rinse and repeat.

After 10 minutes of it, I was through.

I called the “community officer” and told him that they sounded like a bunch of 300lb five year olds and asked if he could please come and knock their heads together. [I really said all of that]

Whatever happened, I finally got back to sleep. Cara finally went back to sleep. And, the shits are asleep right now.

I am so temped to slam my door, over and over, for about five minutes.

Hmm…would that be petty? :twisted:

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