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Man, oh man I feel like shit today.

I woke up wanting to puke and have done so several times. I don’t have a fever, but I seem to lack to ability to keep myself from thinking about food. [Damn, I did it again while I was typing that! And now that I’m typing this! I give up.] Every time I think about any kind of food [damnit!] I want to puke.

Feel sorry for me. Please?

I called Tucker and asked him to come home so that he can watch Cara cause it’s kind of hard to keep an eye on the precocious toddler when my head is buried in the toilet.

Unfortunately, they’re having an inspection at work so I’m stuck by myself.

This too shall pass. Right? If it won’t, tell me it will because this sucketh much.

I’m going to go and attempt to melt into my couch and then not move.

Wish me luck.

[Note added on July 17, 2008:  I was actually pregnant but didn’t know it yet.]

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