New Perspective

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We had to go get groceries today.

We were to that point where you start being “creative” when making dinner and Rice-A-Roni becomes the main course. [Don’t judge! You know you’ve been there.]

As we meandered around Target, Cara was being a rock star and she was completely engrossed by a box of Pop Tarts.

I was struck by how far she’s come in a year.

Trips to Target in the early months were things to be dreaded.

I would carry her around in the sling that Tucker had made us and pray that she could wait thirty minutes before her next feeding.

Now, she’s evolved into this strange, independent creature who rides on Tucker’s shoulders and points to the isles that catch her interest.

The gravity of her metamorphosis really hit home as we passed the milk cooler; we heard it long before we saw it.

The baby was in a powder blue infant carrier placed in the shopping cart. He was maybe six weeks old and the mother looked distraught and embarrassed all at once.

Every person who passed the new mother cast judging, scornful glances at the pair and the whole time the little guy wailed boob aching wails.

The mother got a bottle out of her diaper bag and popped the bottle into the gaping bird mouth; instantly the crying stopped and he was content.

I wanted to comfort the mom. I wanted to tell her that this too shall pass…just look at my kid.

Instead, I looked the mother in the yes, gave her what I hope she perceived to be a knowing smile, and walked on.

Once we were out of earshot, I looked at Tucker and said, “It was so easy then”.

Tucker gave me the “Are you joking me?!” look and I said, “All she had to do to make him happy was to feed him…well, I guess it didn’t seem so easy to me at the time”.

Tucker just smiled because he knew exactly what I meant.

Isn’t it amazing how much your perspective can change in just one year?

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