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Man, oh man I feel like shit today. I woke up wanting to puke and have done so several times. I don’t have a fever, but I seem to lack to ability to keep myself from thinking about food. [Damn, I did it again while I was typing that! And now that I’m ...

That Baby DVD and CD

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I grew up on a musical diet of The Beatles, Steeley Dan and Fleetwood Mac. Heck, my first concert was James Taylor when I was four. Tucker is as crazy about music as I am and we want to pass that love onto Cara. While I know that some parents swear by Baby Einstein DVDs, they ...

Called the Police

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I sincerely feel a little bit bad, but I called the cops on my neighbors this morning at 12:45. OK. So maybe not the cops; I called the “community officer”. But, he’s a cop who gets to live here for free since he deals with petty bullshit calls like mine. Luckily, he didn’t come knocking on my ...

Lines and Other Great Things

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I am in a line kinda mood. Could you tell? First, it was my Twitter background and then I had to change this site’s background. Lines just seem nice today for some reason. Also, something about the previous background just wasn’t right. Know what I mean? I am completely aware that I am the only ...

Bass and a Dead Guy

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Most mornings I wake to the sounds of Tucker in the shower. I grab the baby monitor, make sure Cara’s still asleep and I pray for ten more minutes before she too wakes up. I say most mornings because that sure as hell didn’t happen this morning. At 4:45 am, I was jolted out of a rockin’ ...

Imus. Bad Behavior. Period.

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Wanna know what I’m listening to right now? Imus in the Morning!!! Sweet! *Rant* Just let me say right now, I don’t want to hear you bitching about me listening to Imus. I’ve listened to him for years. I watched the episode that he got fired for and I didn’t blink an eye because what he ...

Baby Proof

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This is what I call "baby proof":

Tuesday Turmoil

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Twitter is an evil, evil thing, people! I signed up for the thing a while back but I never did anything with it. Now, I can’t leave the damn thing alone! *** If you’ve read my Twitter, I’m making a chuck roast right now. Correction. My crock pot is making a chuck roast right now. I’m watching ...

In Need of Some Serenity

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Today is going to be a good day. I’m just going to keep repeating that and keep my fingers crossed that it comes true. This weekend was a stressful one and it smelled like Worcestershire sauce. [A full bottle of the stuff shattered on my kitchen floor on Saturday] Tucker worked the entire weekend and worked until Midnight ...