Your Baby Can Read

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It’s hard to take a program seriously that is titled “Your Baby Can Read!“. [Don’t forget the exclamation point.]

It was with a rather skeptical heart that agreed to review this product for Parent Bloggers and figured that at the worst Cara would have some new videos to watch and that at the best, she would be reading Goodnight Moon to me.

Tucker laughed when he opened the box and asked me when I was sending Cara’s application off to Harvard, but, Cara and I ignored his comments and I slipped the DVD into our PS3 and was prepared for a bored toddler.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

*Note – This is a post that was assassinated in the Great Blog Migration of 2008 when I moved my site my old host to Laughing Squid.  Unfortunately, all of my archives were lost.  This excerpt is all that remains.*

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