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Well, I broke my blog.

A little over a year of content has officially been lost. There’s nothing I can do about it except move on. I might go over to my Blogger blog to see if I can migrate some of that really old stuff over here but it may just not be worth the effort. I am a study in WHY YOU SHOULD BACKUP YOUR BLOG!!! As a matter of fact, quit reading this and go backup you blog right now. NOW! There isn’t anything to read here to get to backing up and stuff.

That is my PSA for the day.


Expect changes to the blog’s design as the days pass. I’ve been considering hiring a designer to make me a purty design so I don’t have to fuck with the CSS and all that jazz. So, if you know of a designer who you love then please comment and leave me a link to their work.

I’m not really sure how I feel about loosing all of those posts. I figured that I would be rather distraught by it all but I’m really not. I’m annoyed but I’m not drowning my sorrows in a fudge sundae or anything. The thing that really bugs the hell out of me is the fact that there are going to be TONS of 404 pages. Translated that means that every link that someone has ever created to something that I’ve written or to an image that I have posted is now gone. I’m also hating that all of my plugins are now gone and I have to go find them…if I can remember them all.

The only stuff that is gone that I think I’m going to miss is the really long night-by-night journey through Cara’s issues with sleep and how we used Dr. Ferber’s book. That was really something that I felt was a worthwhile contribution and a series of posts that I knew I could link to so that new moms could know that they weren’t alone when it came to a baby who would not sleep.

Oh well. Lord knows I should have TONS to write when Oliver comes along. Just think of all of the posts about breastfeeding and boob leakage and sleepless nights and blah, blah, blah. You won’t even miss the old stuff.



  1. ur blawg dun broke, gurl!! Dayum!!

    SOOOO Sorry!!

  2. I am so glad that you are taking it so well.

    Won’t even contemplate what I would do. But it would involve the rocking corner and a LOT of wine.

    But I am loving the green on the side!

  3. Some other blog I read recently lost all of her archives, and one of her readers was able to email her all of her posts because Google reader could retrieve them all… not sure if it work in your case, but maybe someone out there has Google Reader and can try it?? I use Bloglines and I just tried it, but it only pulled up posts from January 08 until now. If you want me to send you that stuff let me know and I can email it. Good luck!

  4. Hollyn says:

    That sucks! I was wondering what happened. I’ll take the moment to be totally cliche, and tell you, “it’ll all be okay…”

  5. You might like to try Furiousball he has a great track record. [he did Flutter’s blog]

  6. I was wondering why things looked different… Bummer! (I just found your blog a week or so ago.. maybe longer? Anyway, I keep coming back because I like your writing. Oh yeah, and I’ve got small kids, too. That helps.) Recommendation for blog design: http://www.mountainstudios.ca. ♥

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