On a Day Like Today

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Oh my Jesus it’s been one of those days!

My OB appointment was uneventful as expected.  My weight hasn’t changed since three weeks ago which prompted my OB to finally measure my fundal height [Why does that sound dirty to me?] and lo and behold I’m measuring just fine – 1 week ahead to be moderately exact.  No growth restriction here.

We were in there for 25 minutes from the time we pulled into a parking space till the time that we backed out of said space.  The majority of the time was spent with blood pressure, weight, urine and fetal heart rate.  I saw my OB for literally five minutes.  It’s not like I want to roast marshmallows or anything but am I the only one who finds five minutes a bit quick?

On a positive and random note, if Oliver is transverse or breech I think I will be able to talk my OB into doing a version.  Since anything other than a “head down” presentation would seriously put a kink in my VBAC, this revelation makes me happy.

After the appointment we grabbed a late lunch and then headed to Target for more anti-itch cream and tiny toiletries for Tucker since he has Drill this weekend.  All of the essentials were purchased [along with nonessentials – damn you, Target!] and we made our merry way home.

One thing I forgot to mention is that Cara has had NO nap today.

Once home, Tucker started getting books and study material together for his marathon night at the library.  I was checking work email and Cara was playing in the living room floor with Tucker’s tiny loofa and Tucker’s tiny bottle of shampoo.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

After about five minutes of silence on Cara’s part, I commented to Tucker, “Please tell me that shampoo bottle is closed.”  I mean, I already knew the answer; I just wasn’t quite ready to accept the harsh reality.

The child was sitting in 1.7 oz of Head and Shoulders.  Thank the gods for acid stained concrete floors.

So, Cara was plopped into the bath 45 minutes early and I was understandable pissed that Tucker was leaving me with a puddle of shampoo and a toddler to bathe.

Ten minutes after I put Cara in the bath, I heard Tucker holler “good bye”.

A few minutes later I stomped [I was still mad] into the living room – cautious of the shampoo puddle…which was now miraculously missing.  Since I doubt the dog eats shampoo, I’m assuming that Tucker cleaned up the slimey mess before he left.

And the asshole didn’t even take his phone with him so that I could say, “Thank you”.


  1. What a bastard!

    Men, gotta love ’em.

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