Definitely Need to Go Grocery Shopping

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FoodThis morning was one of those mornings when you wake up and realize that you’re out of food.  When I say “out of food” I mean that what is in the fridge probably should have been tossed last month and what’s not growing a new civilization is a condiment.

Cara, the fetus and I all needed breakfast so we took a fun filled trip to McDonald’s.  It’s not a usual thing so the fast food guilt didn’t take hold…especially when my stomach was making more noise than Cara.

I ordered our food, waited patiently in line and the pulled to the first window.  I handed over my handy-dandy debit card and waited for my receipt.  And waited.  And waited.

The chick at the window called back her manager and they pulled out some plastic wrap and covered my card and then swiped the card again.  Apparently the stupid thing wouldn’t scan.  I told the manager that the card that she had in her hand was the only card that I had with me.

Her: “Do you have a check?”

Me: “Yeah.  But it’s from Florida.  It’s drawn on that same account though.”

Her: “Oh.  That’s bad.  We can only take checks from this city.”

After a few more attempts at getting my card to scan, the cashier handed me back my card and told me to pull forward.  “They’ll take care of it up there.”  I pulled forward with my checkbook and debit card in hand and waited at window number two; I was just a bit confused.

The food lady handed me my two large OJs and my sack of food and told me to have a “Good Day”.  The manager smiled at me and waved.

I guess that’s one positive thing about moving back to Arkansas – free food.


  1. Free food….always good!

    Jakkis last blog post..This post is a call for help…

  2. I guess there are some good people left in the world.

    justmylifes last blog post..I can’t believe she is 9!!!!

  3. Your McDonald’s takes checks? Mind-boggling. The one I grew up with wouldn’t take anything larger than a twenty, never mind a check.

    Why didn’t they try entering the numbers on your card manually? Oh wait, it’s McDonald’s.

    NB I *love* that I can edit my comment. LOVE.

    bipolarbears last blog post..The most sincere pumpkin patch

  4. Smart woman. She knew better than to deny food to a hungry pregnant woman. No one needs to see the flow of hormone enhanced emotion that would have followed.

    followthatdogs last blog post..Shocked! Stunned! Flabbergasted!

  5. That’s great that they gave your the food for free. Proof that a few caring people do exist. 🙂

    Amanda Petite Mommys last blog post..Planning Our Grade 1 Curriculum

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